Hello World

You want to grow your bottom line

targeted and identified
grow globally and forge forward


One Mission: to provide enterprise-level technology platforms and
access to talented business development acumen
to enable rapid growth opportunity for small and startup businesses without significant investment.


and it is our core strengths which lead to client success

  • Social Digital Marketing Systems / Platforms
  • Product / Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation / Qualification
  • Education / Motivation



Striking when the time is right.

Where ever your business, we will be there
to help you grow in your market

and to help you grow in new markets.
One Team.

Celebrating Success in Creation

Project Bold!

Make it happen. Shock everyone.

Project DAO

Art is the ax that breaks the frozen sea within.

Project SOS

‘Get up. Dress up. Show up”

Project Chinwag

What are you saying? Global social communication simplified.

Project StepUp

The fabric of existence weaves itself whole

Our Expertise

Seeing the forest for the trees

Set a Goal.
make a plan, draw a map and run.

There is no way around it,
success is hard work.



Core Values

The sun shall rise.

Tomorrow is a new day.
Never, ever give up.

Success is Learned then Earned

  1. Constant Never Ending Improvement
  2. Open, Factual Communication
  3. Positive and Inspiring
  4. Life is Short, Have Fun
  5. Whatever it Takes

One word can change a life.
Change, it is written, is inevitable.

אברא כדברא – avra k’davra – “I will create as I speak”
ˌabrəkəˈdabrə/ (verb) late 17th century (as a mystical word engraved and used as a charm to ward off illness): from Latin, first recorded in a 2nd-century poem by Q. Serenus Sammonicus, from a Greek base.

 Food, Water, Shelter, Love
requirements for life


that every human has a right to:

FREE [seeds to grow] Food
FREE [clean, pure] Water
FREE [cost-effective] Shelter
FREE [where love is learned] Education


humans seek purpose and connection, community

Our Customers, Employees, and Community
is the life-blood of our business,

Supporting success, growth and health
is our responsibility,

As an organization, as individuals, as part of a community
we must give back

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Never hesitate to contact us.